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About | GoZERO Energy


Company Announcement

GoZERO Energy is becoming Planet Ark Power

GoZERO is becoming Planet Ark Power.  The transition is being undertaken by GoZERO Energy and Planet Ark to speed the adoption of commercial rooftop solar across Australia.

GoZERO Energy is driven by engineers. We provide high tech, tailored solar and battery storage and energy efficiency equipment for commercial customers that generate clean energy and save money, usually from the day they are switched on. We are passionate about engineering clean energy solutions for business.

Planet Ark is Australia’s leading environmental behaviour change organisation. For 23 years the Planet Ark team have been helping Australian households, businesses, schools and governments take positive environmental action through campaigns like ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’, National Tree Day and National Recycling Week. We are recognised and respected by consumers and by businesses.

Together, and under the title of Planet Ark Power, our organisations will drive a fundamental change in the thinking of Australian organisations and businesses to solar power. Driving this change is essential for the country to make the switch to low-carbon energy. It's a key part of a clean energy future that will lead to better economic, social and environmental benefits. Cleaner energy. Lower cost.

Existing customers will continue to receive the same high level of service and support under the new name while new customers will join an ever-growing group of organisations making the switch the cleaner and cheaper power. Stay tuned.

Company Profile

aboutGoZERO smart clean energy systems:
  • GoPREDICT Solar with Intelligent Controls: Installation of solar panels but with control of your energy loads to improve overall savings.  Solar is sized intelligently by GoPREDICT relative to loads to maximise ROI.
  • G.E.M. Store the sun with Intelligent Controls: Store the sun in batteries to reduce peak demand charges (by up to 50% for some customers).  G.E.M. or GoZERO Energy Management uses artificial intelligence to learn the building's energy use to maximise electricity savings.
  • Power Quality with Intelligent Controls: Fix power quality to lower demand charges.  Energy control software (G.E.M.) ensures optimum efficiency and extends asset life.
  • Energy Monitoring (G.E.M.): Provides 24x7 real time monitoring so you can see and manage the energy you use.  Checks that your system is working optimally and provides preventative maintenance that underpins GoSAVE.

GoZERO is an engineering firm specialising in integrating solar generation and energy storage systems that use GoZERO proprietary technology (GoPredict, GoZERO Energy Management & GoSAVE) to accurately predict system performance and then monitor and control our customers' energy demands; thereby reducing electricity costs significantly in most cases.

GoZERO also provides electricity on a power purchase agreement (PPA) basis whereby a customer purchases the power generated by the solar system under a long term contract with the customer owning the system at the end of the agreement. The GoZERO difference is that our systems include power factor correction, battery storage and smart control and monitoring systems to guarantee the savings we predict.

Our Team

We have a unique combination of experience in the energy efficiency, energy storage and solar industries that is required to ZERO your energy bill.