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6 Reasons to Consider Solar (and Storage) When Planning Your New Build

Building a new office, warehouse, school hall or any kind of addition is an exciting but stressful undertaking for any organisation. Sometimes adding a solar PV system is discussed during the planning stage but very often it gets left off the plans or the final build because there’s simply too much else to focus on…
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China to invest nearly £300 billion in renewables

China is again setting the standard to achieve and deliver 50% renewable mix by 2020 by investing £300 billion into its resources. The first 2020 targets set 10 years ago at the time seemed a long time ago but now they are becoming reality and many countries are proving what was ambitious actually can be…
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How much power does it take to watch the Super Bowl?

Imagine you are at home watching the Super Bowl or in Australia a match like the Origin. How much power does it take to run your tv for the game ?? This article gives an amusing insight into technology or ways to power your TV. Think about this on a mass scale of the millions…
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