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Is Your Power Company Ripping You Off?

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If you are confused about what makes up a power bill here is some interesting intel into the behind scenes variables that you may not know about. Right or wrong power costs are certainly going up. Whatever your stance there are ways to reduce energy costs that are cash flow positive from day 1. Website:…
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Wind and Solar Crushing Fossil Fuels

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The past year has seen oil prices crash to historic lows, putting countries like Saudi Arabia on notice that they can no longer sustain an economy almost entirely reliant on $90 oil. Some energy analysts suggest that the woes that Sun Edison are currently experiencing are as a result of this sharp fall and sustained…
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Queensland businesses face new price gouge

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As of July this year Energex customers who are on demand based charging went from kilowatt peak (KW) billing to kilovolt ampere metering (KVa).  The new measuring system means some industrial customers saw their number of these new units increase by up to 40%, causing a massive spike in electricity demand charges. GoZERO can help…
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Audio News story Sunshine State power prices could be on the rise

Queensland may be about to see another electricity price increase. The government owned power companies have asked permission to raise more money. Ergon and Energex have responded by saying they are confident prices will remain the same or even fall over the next five years.

Despite the continuing political dialogue the significant trend of power increase in Queensland is far from over. Businesses and households are certainly feeling the pinch. Smart clean tech solutions like those supplied by GoZERO Energy in most cases are cash flow positive from day 1 and provide clients with a risk free business case to switch to a cleaner and leaner future.

source: ABC News PM