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The Carwash Company, North Lakes QLD | GoZERO Energy

The Carwash Company, North Lakes QLD

The Carwash Company 31.2kW & Energy Monitoring Case Study

The Carwash Company at North Lakes is a 24/7 Car Wash owned by QTM Developments. QTM Developments is striving to provide it’s clients efficient and sustainable buildings from the materials they use to build right the way through to the running costs of the sites including measures for energy, water, waste and built environment.

The Carwash Company has been sustainably developed by QTM utilising the latest in efficient water and recycling systems along with efficient LED lighting for the site.


GoZERO Energy analysed the site carrying out an energy audit and looked at further methods and solutions to save costs. The logical next step for The Carwash Company was to provide onsite generation through the installation of a solar power system to offset daytime power usage.

Due to the nature of the site running 24/7 the importance of installing energy monitoring was key to provide The Carwash Company with an ongoing analysis of the site. It was decided by QTM to install a 31.2kW solar power system to provide an offset against daytime consumption and allow for growth in power usage as the North Lakes population grows. The system was approved by Energex to export excess solar generation where AGL agreed to an 8c/kWh Feed in Tariff to add to the estimated payback of the system.

The Carwash Company design – 120 x 260W Winaico WSPs, 1 X 25000CL Schneider Inverter & Ecofront Pro Monitoring system

System approved for solar export – AGL 8c/kWh

Date of install – 3 December 2015

Estimated payback period - 4.0 years

Current cost of power – 20.23c/kWh Peak

24/7 average power consumption from the gird before the solar installation - November/December 2015 - 150kWh

24/7 average power consumption from the gird after the solar installation - January/February 2016 - 50kWh

See Graph 1 of solar generation and kWh usage

Graph 1 – shows the solar generation on 23rd Feb 2016 versus energy consumption. Analysis shows on graph 1 a full sunny day the solar generated 187kWh for the day with a large proportion being exported to the grid. As North Lakes increases in population it is expected the car wash will have more demand and more solar generation will be offset against energy consumption. In the meantime there is the daytime benefit of offset and the incremental 8c/kWh from AGL to add to the business case.

Graph 1 – To show solar generation versus energy consumption 23rd Feb 2016


As a result of installing solar and energy monitoring for The Carwash Company for the first quarter of 2016 there has been a 65% reduction in energy consumption from the grid.


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