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Power Purchase Agreement | GoZERO Energy

Power Purchase Agreement

A new way of buying clean energy for business.

Put solar systems, energy efficiency equipment and battery storage to work sooner and cut business power bills with a Power Purchase Agreement from GoZERO Energy.

Without Solar
Without Solar
Solar PPA
Solar Power Purchase Agreement
ppa3No Capital Outlay

Immediately reduce energy costs by installing a GoZERO Energy System without any upfront capital expenditure. The System can be bought out at anytime should your circumstances change.

Ownership and performance risks of the GoZERO system remain with GoZERO, the owner and operator - simply pay for the clean energy.

Entering into a PPA is an OPEX decision rather than a CAPEX investment.

ppa4Operations and Maintenance

GoZERO Energy System is operated, maintained and insured for the life of the agreement by GoZERO.

Utility grade metering and monitoring by Metering Dynamics ensures the integrity and accuracy of the performance.

Only bankable equipment is integrated into GoZERO Energy Systems, such as solar panels by Winaico and inverters and power factor correction by Schneider Electric.

ppa5Clean Energy Savings

Payment for clean solar energy and efficiency is linked to performance, so GoZERO has every incentive to ensure the system is operating at its optimum, ensuring maximum savings at all times.

Most organisations today have targets for clean energy procurement and environmental or sustaintability goals. A GoZERO PPA is the perfect way of helping to meet and maintain these targets.

ppa6Generation and Efficiency

GoZERO takes an engineering approach to address both clean energy generation and energy efficiency by including in GoZERO Energy Systems, not just solar PV panels, but where needed, power factor correction to improve efficiency or battery storage for peak demand shaving.

GoZERO employs its proprietary system engineering software GoPREDICT to analyse the energy usage of the building and design the energy system that produces the best economic result. This GoZERO engineering analysis and design is also a unique feature of the GoZERO offering.

Should you be interested in a GoZERO PPA then the next steps are:
  1. Contact a GoZERO consultant on 07 3121 3129 or
  2. Provide GoZERO with your latest power bills and authority to obtain interval data.
  3. GoZERO will run GoPREDCT and provide you with an engineering based PPA Proposal including complete analysis.
  4. Sign the PPA Order and pay a refundable $200 deposit.
  5. GoZERO will apply for connection of the system to the grid.
  6. The PPA documents are then drafted and signed and then the system is installed and operational.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long is the PPA contract?
A. The term of a PPA we can offer is between 10 and 20 years. The longer the PPA term the cheaper the power price for the clean energy sold under the PPA. We will provide some options to suit your circumstances.
Q. What happens at the end of the PPA?
A. The system installed under the PPA becomes the property of the owner for no additional cost.
Q. How do you determine the correct system size and equipment?
A. The GoZERO team is comprised of some of the most capable and experienced engineers (electrical, software, utility, solar) in Australia who have developed the GoPREDICT engineering software. Through smart algorithms GoPREDICT will analyse the customer’s interval data (historical electricity usage data provided by the utility) and will engineer the most economic solution for a customer taking into account expected solar generation from the site, benefits to be obtained from power factor correction installation and if batteries may be used for peak shaving.
Q. How does GoZERO make money?
A. GoZERO is a distributed energy retailer. We sell the clean power generated by the solar system to the customer in the same way that an electricity retailer sells electricity from the national grid. GoZERO holds an exemption from the Australian Energy Regulator enabling the sale of solar electricity only subject to certain conditions—such as revenue grade metering.
Q. How does billing work?
A. Bills are issued monthly in arrears. Measurement of power generated is by a revenue grade digital meter installed and maintained by Metering Dynamics—a subsidiary of Energex. Customers are provided with access to the Metering Dynamics portal which allows them to see power taken from the grid and power generated by the solar system. Where customers provide details of their current electricity tariffs we can provide an estimated bill showing the savings from the PPA on one bill.