Vince graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Elec) from the University of Queensland and later earned a Diploma of Education from Macquarie University. He commenced work with FNQEB (now Ergon Energy) in Innisfail and worked on the initial demand management and SCADA projects in Far North Qld.   Private sector experience followed with various engineering and project management roles in the mining sector (electrical design and control systems) and railway sector (control systems in Hong Kong) with the occasional stints of contracting for Ergon Energy.  As a sideline, he also managed to manufacture and sell 5000 capacitive voltage detector testers which he designed during his early years in Far North Queensland.

Vince joined Energex in 2006 at a time when the utility was rebuilding after the Somerville Inquiry.  During most of this time he was engaged in the preparation of the annual Network Management Plan.  Part time activities included investigations into errant pole mounted reclosers and participation in the commencement of Energex's smart grid program.  In 2011, he took up a role as Power Quality Manager and was subsequently  heavily involved in issues associated with solar photovoltaics and voltage management.

In 2016 Vince joined GoZERO and Elevare Energy as Engineering Manager.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Elec) from the University of Queensland
  • Diploma of Education from Macquarie University
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland


Vince holds two Australian Patents for "Apparatus and Method for Controlling an Electrical Appliance" (2008) and "Drill Aiming Device Using a Single Laser" (2006).